Ruth Buggs

One of my favorite* Sunday afternoon activities involves watching British panel shows whilst sipping tea out of a decorated tea cup…accompanied by a matching saucer, of course.

I feel a bit like Ruth Buggs of the underrated Pegg and Frost film, Paul, when she expresses her love for all things British by simply stating “…the UK…I love UK.” Perhaps it was my early exposure to Harry Potter, but I’ve always had a borderline obsession with Britain. This has led to mass comedic snobbery – they simply do it better – and, at times, feelings of isolation because no one knows who I’m talking about when I quote the greats*.

This obsession, if you will, has been a form of therapy, although I’m trying to be like Julie’s husband of Julie & Julia when he reminds her to not be too over-dramatic:

“I was drowning, and she pulled me out of the ocean.” 
“Don’t get carried away.” 

Also, seeing as how Julie & Julia focuses on a seemingly strange, yet amazing woman’s adventure into the blog world, I’m incredibly pleased with squeezing a film reference into this post. But I digress.

I’ll continue to talk about the, IMHO, comedic greats throughout different blog posts. Until then, I’m curious to hear your therapeutic obsession, oi*


* favourite
* Miranda Hart, Sean Lock, Tim Minchin (Austrailian exception), Bill Bailey, Peter Serafinowicz, David Mitchell, Frankie Boyle, Jack Dee, Greg Davies, Rhod Gilbert, Bob Mortimer (duh), Vic Reeves…
* Not meant to seem aggressive, lacking care in thinking of a proper closing remark. Better than my knowledge of Cockney rhyming slang, otherwise you’d be reading “Bees and honey for money” on a regular basis. 

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