Type B+

Sometimes staring at the ceiling is enough (see beautiful photo of my ceiling). It. Is. Enough. I have to constantly remind myself that it’s okay to take a break and not be doing something, anything, all the time. It’s exhausting and I overwork myself. But I’m also going to point out early on in this post that I am, in no way, a “Type A” human being. Sure, I’ll bake you a cake for your birthday when no one else at work remembers the day you popped out of your mum’s hot pocket, even though you’ve worked there for eight years…

…but I’ll do it the night before, the frosting will be uneven and it’ll be sorta weird-looking. And I’ll be completely at peace with that sugar-packed monstrosity because I made it with love (duh).

I like to think I’m a “Type B+” person, because I give a shit, but not enough to lose sleep over anything. For real, I slept through an earthquake the other night, so you understand how serious that statement is. I’m good at organizing things, planning things, being a leader for things, pretty much all of the things, and I like to think this makes me good at those things; I’m not trying to control or micromanage every detail, because it’s okay if something is weird. I’m weird. You’re weird. Cakes are weird. Now I want cake.

This post is essentially a PSA for the folks who, like me, need to know that it’s:

A) Okay to take a minute to lay on a sheet-less mattress and stare blankly at a popcorn ceiling.

B) It is also equally okay to know you’re NOT a “Type A” human even though you strive for a relatively excellent life and you have a color-coded daily planner, because, why wouldn’t you?

Also, for someone who is usually on the ball when it comes to remembering things, I forgot to go to a wedding this week. Like, a forgot-so-hard-motha-fuckas-tryna-find-me level of forgetting. But seriously, who the heck gets married on a Tuesday?


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