Sex, pt. 1

sex sign

I knew from the moment I watched Ryan and Marissa make out on The O.C. that I was, without a doubt, interested in both men and women. Remember The O.C.? That show was basically my sexual awakening and it’s still one of my favorite smutty-smut-smut things to this day.

This is a good time for me to write a lil’ bit about sex and sexuality, mainly because I’ve recently been on a mission to only purchase new tops that show off my boobs. I have so many tees, blouses and dresses that make me look like I’m in a convent. They’re adorable, and I love them, but I’ve spent so long covering up, only to just recently realize that my neck is SWEATING and my deep-v-tit-area wants some love. While I’m not planning on walking into work in fabulous mesh dresses à la goddess Rihanna, I want to have a little more fun embracing my sexuality through my clothing choices. I’m proud of my body and have no time for any kind of body shaming. So, it’s time for some chest-friendly tops, because, hell yes.

It’s that new-wave feminism, man (insert Kimmy Schmidt-levels of panic thinking about saying “man” too many times when talking about female-focused issues)…it gets me. I’ve always been curious about sex and wanted to know every single thing I could before I actually had it. I mashed my Barbie dolls together, experimented in high school after dress rehearsals in our dark auditorium, and read every Cosmo stolen from my mom’s nightstand cover to cover. I was curious, but was never concerned about having sex the “right way.” I lost my virginity in quite an unconventional manner, and I remember wanting to have sex the first time to simply check it off the list, and then move onto the other stuff*.

Sex, pt. 1 is mostly rambling about how much I love the topic of S.E.X. and I plan on going into greater detail (you’ve been warned) at a later date. One thing’s for certain, I’m definitely dressing up as a Condom Fairy for Halloween this year…#YASSS. Until then, stay curious, stay safe, stay optimistic.


* What’s the other stuff? More on that later. 


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