Little baby poems

I don’t necessarily feel shitty, but I do feel fragile. Fragile…like a newborn in a fallen bird’s nest, waiting for someone to cradle me, rock me, take care of me. Except I don’t want to be taken care of because, as silly as I know it is, needing help always makes me feel (sort of) pathetic.

But I know that I’m strong and that it’s just hard right now. Cue Sherlock, season 4 quote: “It is what it is.” So, gather round and enjoy a few little baby poems from yours truly, and let’s embrace our fragility today. It will pass.

I love you
so much
I have to say it
But I’m shy
And I’m afraid
So I’ll tell you
How lovely you are

Cotton candy skies
Falling through the delicate
cotton candy skies

I’m feeling so fragile
About to break
Being so careful
Heart hurting
But I
to hurt myself

I guess only I
am allowed to inflict the pain

-Ariel LaVenture



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