Unions are not scary monsters



This was the result of our vote to unionize at the Missoula Independent weekly newspaper last Friday. We are officially a union, and I am a proud, proud human.

I work with the most brilliant and passionate people, and look forward to the next chapter of our Indy story.

If you do want to learn a little more about the Indy’s union, or are curious about starting a union in your workplace, but may be a bit confused, afraid or just curious, my (social media) door is always open. You can also visit the Indy’s union page at: missoulanewsguild.com or our Twitter: @MslaIndyUnion.

I’m unsure of what may come, but I have never felt more sure of a decision, or more proud to be part of a team. The Missoula Independent has given me another home and a newfound set of tools to add to my tool-belt. Most importantly, though, the Indy has gifted me a new sense of purpose, for which I am ever grateful.

Things only change when we decide that it’s time. And it’s time. Here’s to all the unionized workers out there – I am officially with you.


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