Onward & forward with your bad business self

It’s been a hot minute since I posted something other than poetry, which it totally okay, but I wanted to take a post to talk about business ventures.

As a Marketing & Events Coordinator (and sometimes-ad rep) for a newspaper, I work with small businesses on the regular. The main issues I encounter are generally related to new business owners thinking too big. While it’s important to set goals and aim high, it is equally important to be realistic about what will most likely happen within the first year of owning any kind of business. And what will happen is this: You will work your butt off, be required to network all the time and may not bring in any revenue.*

Last June, I told myself that if I posted one blog post per month, I would purchase the domain for tiny diamond celebrations. This past May, I made that purchase.

Monthly blogging has been quite a challenge. I love having the opportunity to share my experiences and art at the stroke of a keyboard, and I truly believe sharing personal stories and thoughts on this page has helped me get through some shit, but I don’t find writing to be a major priority for me. I spend major portions of my work days emailing clients and creating e-blasts, so when I’m on my own I want to focus on the creative side of forming a small business. But forcing myself to write the blog before doing anything with tiny diamond celebrations has shown me that, in order to have a successful small business, I need to be diligent, committed and true to my personality.

I’m a hands-on learner and doer, which is why I love event planning, volunteering and organizing. I’m fortunate enough to work in job that allows me to express my creativity, yet still requires a 9-to-5 lifestyle. I’m also lucky because I realize that event planning is a semi-luxurious job in the sense that it’s based more on having fun that some other career choices. I’m THANKFUL, and am always looking for ways to make sure I’m using my skills to help create a better world, which is why tiny diamond celebrations will focus on synergy, local and small business promotion, and commitment to helping nonprofit organizations through donations and volunteerism.

The official website for tiny diamond celebrations is set to launch August 2018 and I’m thrilled. I’ve decide to share my personal goals for the first year of tiny diamond celebrations, so it may help or inspire you, dear reader.

GOALS FOR 2018/2019:
1. Launch tiny diamond celebrations by August 31, 2018
2. Launch the following social media platforms for the business:
3. Finalize decision and order some form of calling card (matchbooks, business card, etc.)*
4. Donate 3% of all sales to one selected nonprofit organization per month by the end of 2018
5. Sponsor at least one local (Montana-based) event before August 31, 2019 as either cash or in-kind
6. Partner with my good friend, Jenny, owner of The Bake Away, for one or more tiny diamond celebrations’ events

If you’re curious about my financial and/or marketing plans, you can contact me directly. I’m excited to move forward with the celebration side of tiny diamond celebrations, but will continue to share poetry, emotional posts and things that I think are funny. This is my life and I’m living it. I hope you are doing the same.

Look out for those little inspiration nuggets, pockets of joy and #eventbabies. And, as always, take care of YOU.


*Yes, there are always exceptions. Exceptions are not the norm.
*Stuff like business cards and swag is the most fun, yet most difficult part of starting a business. Too often, I’ve seen businesses order the swag and spend the cash before they have it. Waiting to order the coolest products until after a business is up-and-running is a challenge. 

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