zombie days (not always)


More food pics ^^ …pretty pretty vegan doughnut.
See waffle pic in previous post “It’s really not that serious, so here’s my fall bucket list…” .

It’s easy to feel like a zombie sometimes. We’re creatures of habit and generally, work life creates this constant cycle of daily tasks and responsibilities we must adhere to. That’s why I try to find some little nuggets of fun throughout my relatively repetitive days. Here’s a peek into my average work day. What does your day look like, reader?

6am Wake up due to natural light peeking through my window.
6:01am Go back to bed.
6:30am Wake up again – for real this time.
Get ready, drive to work, don’t flip off the crazy highway drivers. Work, work, work.
9:15am Reminder goes off to let me know that I need to make a protein smoothie and down a B-Complex supplement. I actually do what my alarm says today.
10am Important phone meeting. Lead it like a #boss.
11am Starting to get hungry, but must resist the temptation of baked goods brought in by nice coworker.
11:01am Resisted. Maybe I will work out tonight.
11:30am Wish I had a standing desk, but I don’t, so I stand up and work on the gigantic notepad in the corner of my office space.
12pm Craft something tasty and vegetarian with ingredients I’ve brought to work. Today’s menu includes: spinach, tomatoes, vegetarian taco filling, avocado (YASSSS), hot sauce and crushed red pepper packets from that one office pizza party we had a million years ago.
Eat lunch, make calls, send emails, etc.
2pm NEED. TREAT. NOW. Go to organic grocery store that’s also a client. Say hi. Purchase vegan doughnut. Eat vegan doughnut. Great decision.
4pm What do I have to do after work? Oh yeah, more work, but on union stuff. Solidarity with my crew. Should I bring in treats for my coworkers tomorrow? Now I’m that nice coworker, slowly killing everyone with carb-overload.
5pm Change into workout clothes in work bathroom. Tying up my shoelaces means it’s really happening.
5:30pm I’m the only person not doing laps in my gym’s pool. Don’t worry, I’m not in the lap lanes, I’m in the open swim zone. I amuse myself by pretending I’m a buoy. This is adulthood.
7pm Home
7:30pm Make semi-nice diner since it’s just me tonight. On the menu: veggie burger, chips (weakness), big salad, more chips…
8pm After wolfing down dinner, turn on Netflix show for background noise while I work on union stuff. Thank GOD Law & Order:SVU is on Netflix. Olivia Benson is a badass #bossbabe.
10pm Wash face. ALWAYS. Tonight, I’m also treating myself to a YesTo Tomatoes face mask because we should all be going cruelty-free.
11pm(ish) Fall asleep with phone in hand (bad habit). Dream sweet dreams. Dream about the eventual apocalypse. Dream about vegan doughnuts.

Happy Thursday, y’all. Remember to tip your servers, support your local unions and #KeepMissoulaIndy.


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