Welcome to tiny diamond celebrations – we’re thrilled you’re here!

As a company that specializes in event planning, gift preparation and organization, we LOVE parties. Parties = our passion. We are also passionate about helping those who are less fortunate, and have dedicated 3% of all our sales to a different nonprofit each month. We want to provide fantastic and affordable party essentials, all while creating a safe and welcoming world for all to party in.

Our founder and owner, Ariel LaVenture, has been an advocate for mental health awareness and cruelty-free living. She believes that we are all presented with opportunities to help others, and that is our responsibility to speak up for those who don’t always have a voice. The blog portion of tiny diamond celebrations allows others to see into the mind of a party planner who loves poetry and the complexity of human emotion. Ms. LaVenture is always there to lend an ear, whether it’s to chat about your dream party, or to dive deeper into life’s wonders.

We specialize in the following:
•  Event planning and preparation
•  Party budgeting
•  Day-of wedding coordination
•  One-on-one personal shopping for party supplies and/or gifts

In need of other event-related services? tiny diamond celebrations is here for you. Give us a holler at tinydiamondcelebrations@gmail.com for a quote, conversation or good ol’ fashioned meeting scheduling. We are pumped to work with you!